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Pedalboard Ponderer Gift Pack

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The Perfect Gift!

Please note there are only 40 of these boxed sets available.

The Pedalboard Ponderer Gift Pack contains vital ingredients for the persistent pedalboard pontificator in your life. It's the perfect seasonal or birthday gift! 

Each kit contains:

  • 1 x luxury 'debossed' TPS logo notebook. Make notes, design boards. 240 pages!
  • 1 x #Becausetone Latte Mug. You need a beverage when pedalboard pondering. 
  • 2 x TPS Pencils. Sharpen, scribe, succeed!
  • 2 x TPS Coasters. Save that table now. Or prop up amps with wonky feet.
  • 1 x Hat (Trucker Cap OR Snowstar Beanie). All great ponderers need a pondering hat!
  • 1 x Sticker Pack. For the resultant pedalboard case, natch.
  • 4 x TPS-branded Dunlop Tortex plectrums (exclusive to this gift set, not available on the Store). A mix of 0.88mm and 1mm gauges.
  • 1 x TPS black drawstring bag. To put //things// in. What things? Only you will know!

There are 2 kit options - please select which one you want:

1) with a Snowstar Bobble Beanie or

2) with a Snapback Trucker Cap


Step 1 - Fill the TPS mug with a beverage of your choice. Take it to your favourite pedalboard pondering area.

Step 2 - Don your TPS Thinking Hat/Cap.

Step 3 - Sharpen a special TPS pencil and open your TPS notebook - begin pedalboard pondering.

Step 4 - Go on a tangent. Start sticking your TPS stickers on things and grab your new TPS Tortex plectrums for a noodle. Confucius say: noodle is ponder, ponder is noodle.  

Step 5 - When pondering pauses, put your pedalboard paraphernalia in the handy Drawstring Bag.

ADD A T-SHIRT receive a discount! You'll get a 25% discount on any T-shirt - simply add it to your order and the discount will be applied at checkout. (Discount applies only to the T-shirt, not the whole package. Only one T-shirt per Pedalboard Ponderer Gift Pack).

If you want to add any additional items to you Pedal Ponderer Gift Pack simply continue shopping and add them to your order.

This gift pack is worth over £50 when items are bought separately.



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