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Great Wet/Dry/Wet Sounds On A Sensible Budget

For our last show in That (Old) Pedal Shed (8 June 2018), we went nuts on a mega wet/dry/wet rig comprising all manner of unobtanium that came to a whopping £30k… or thereabouts. You can watch it here We had an overwhelming response to that video, and among the chorus of ‘oh my goodness it sounds amazing’ came a cry of ‘how the bejeeesus do we do that on a more mortal budget?’ Thus, Daniel and I got to work straight away in the That (New) Pedal Shed setting up a similarly inspried rig but with much more ‘normal’ stuff. Please note that we didn’t say ‘low budget’ so this isn’t about doing it as cheaply as possible. It’s about a ‘sensible’ budget using easily available, quality amps and pedals. It's still a pretty penny if you were to just go out and buy it all, but hopefully you have at least some of these things – or similar – at your disposal already!

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