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This Week's Friday Show!

Danish Peter Honoré Pedalboard Build

In today’s episode Dan puts together a pedalboard for our wonderful friend and all-round awesome geezer, Peter Honoré. For anyone who doesn’t know, Danish Pete is a professional guitarist whose day job is over at Andertons TV on YouTube. A master of taste and touch in his playing, Pete requires a relatively simple but versatile board based around the Schmidt Array SA-450 platform. Dan and Pete talk through the pedal choices before assembling it all in terms of layout, power and audio. Apologies in advance for the lengthy section on the H9 and MIDI. Why anyone subjects themselves to this remains a total mystery to me – Mick here – but hey, some of you krayzee kids just love this stuff. Apologies also for the highly average production today. No Simon = me trying to remember how the cameras work and forgetting to turn lights on, etc. Ha! Enjoy the video!

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