EU Customers

From 1st July 2021 all goods sent directly from everywhere in the world to customers in the EU are subject to the local rate of VAT in each EU country.

Plus there's also new clearance fees to contend with too - gotta love bureaucracy!!

To be clear this is NOTHING to do with Brexit - this is new EU VAT laws and they apply to every online business worldwide selling into the EU.

Turns out it's taking some time to get the new rules and customs charging system set up. Many of the EU borders aren't ready and many retailers are finding the new system isn't working which causes lots of problems for them and their until the EU gets this sorted we're not going to join up to the new EU VAT scheme.

In the meantime we are not charging any EU customers VAT. Everything is Zero rated so you will be liable for VAT at your EU border. 

We have now updated our checkout so that everyone in the EU can see more information about expected 'landed' costs so there are no surprises, but if you are based in the EU please be aware that your local border may also charge you additional VAT and a 'clearance fee' to process your parcel.

In the meantime we'll keep on trying to find a workable solution for our EU customers!

Mick and Dan have made a quick video about this HERE