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From 1st February 2023 we joined the IOSS VAT Scheme.

Before this, customers in the EU, they had pay full price for a t-shirt and there was no VAT as part of the transaction.

When the t-shirt got to the EU country, the customs/border people looked at the price of the goods, added on the cost of the shipping and then charged you VAT on the total amount. Plus they would charge a customs clearance fee on top of that too.

Now, using the new system, we charge you VAT at checkout. When your parcel gets to your country the customs people should see that That Pedal Show Store is part of the IOSS scheme which measn they will know that VAT has been paid already.

This means they should wave your parcel through immediately - no extra VAT, no customs clearance fee, straight to your door!

As an example, a t-shirt would have cost €20, plus shipping €8 total €28. EU customs charged VAT eg. 21% = €5.8, plus a customs fee of between €5-15 per item. This means a €20 t-shirt ended up costing between €38-48!

Now the t-shirt costs €20, shipping costs €8. And that's it!

The EU VAT rules introduced in July 2021 were put into place for several reasons.

The new regulations were not only designed to simplify VAT returns for online sellers and marketplaces, but also to provide fair competition for EU businesses and deliver transparency to EU shoppers.

The legislation is intended to reduce approximately €7 billion worth of annual VAT fraud.

In addition introducing the new IOSS scheme (which controls the VAT payments made by EU customers shopping outside their own country) is intended to make it easier for the EU governments to collect VAT and stop online retailers from taking advantage of the VAT-free import laws.


The new laws are for everyone selling into and across the 27 EU member states from anywhere in the world.

Online retailers everywhere are affected by the new EU laws.

The new rules impact the sale of all goods and services to consumers within EU member states by non-EU established online sellers.

The distance sales of mail order, telesales, or online goods from EU suppliers in one country to non-VAT registered customers in another EU country are also affected, as are some domestic goods sold online under certain conditions.

VAT is applied to all goods and services, regardless of their commercial value. In addition:

  • VAT must now be paid in the EU member state that goods, ranging from €0 to €150, will be delivered.
  • EU-established suppliers of distance sales or B2C telecommunications, broadcasting, and entertainment services are affected by the EU-wide threshold of €10.
  • Imported goods and services valued at €150 or more into the EU are still subject to additional customs duties.

If your goods are over €150, we will not charge you VAT at checkout.

Instead, you will pay the VAT locally plus Duty and a customs fee.

This is the same as it always was. The only difference now is that the price of the goods when they arrive do not include VAT, which means you will pay less than if you'd purchased the items at full price.

This would have been the case before That Pedal Show Store joined the IOSS scheme and we could not account for the VAT for your country.

We recommend you keep all copies of any orders you place.

These orders will show the VAT you have paid when making a purchase.

We can always provide you with copy invoices if required.

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.

Jan 2024 - Northern Ireland is also included. NI is Treated as a territory of the EU for customs, VAT (for goods only) and excise purposes.

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