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Some Useful Info...

We try to include a size guide with each product.

This is intended as a 'guide' and whilst we measure every new batch of t-shirts as they arrive, please be aware that there maybe some small variances between items of the same size.

This is because of the way the clothing is made by humans. It's unlikely the variance will be anything more than a few cm's but we want to make you aware that it's possible.

If you're worried about the fit of a tee then email us before you buy and we'll do our best to help.

We hand-check and hand-fold every t-shirt and hoodie. This (mostly) keeps faulty items out of your parcels, but very (very) occasionally the makers might get the labelling wrong.

We had one poor person order an XLarge t-shirt, but when it arrived it was like a human tent for 4! Clearly that was a case of wrong labelling. If that happens then that's our mistake and we'll send you a replacement free of charge.

Our size guides work using the half-chest method. This means we measure a garment from armpit-to-armpit across the front. To check what size you need follow these 3 easy steps...

1. Get a tee you currently wear

2. Lay it flat and measure across the chest from armpit to armpit.

Then measure the length - length is measured using the front of each tee from the top of the collar to the bottom of the t-shirt. 

3. This is the size you need - simply check it against the chest measurement on the size guide table.

Stanley/Stella Creator Tees:

For some weird reason these tees have tags in the neck that suggest the EU size is different from the US size.

For example 'EU XL / US L' - this makes no sense. The size is simply the size and it  shouldn’t change based on where you live  - so please don't be confused by this red herring!

If you normally wear an XL then please check the size guide we have provided and use the XL measurements as a starting point to compare against the chest measurements of one of your fav tees. 

If in doubt please email us and we'll be happy to help!

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