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JAM Pedals Harmonious Monk Mk.2

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Our love for harmonic and amplitude tremolo deepens ever further with Harmonious Monk Mk.2.

Building on JAM Pedals’ award-winning collaboration with That Pedal Show, V2 retains the original’s all-analogue circuitry and modern-classic tone, but adds features to make it even more useful and functional on guitar, keys and anything else!

Harmonious Monk V1 remains a truly awesome and inspiring tool. V2 spreads some features icing on an already incredible sonic cake!

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Harmonious Monk Guitar Effects Pedal
Tap Tempo Button on Harmonious Monk Guitar Effects Pedal
Harmonious Monk Guitar Effects Pedal, Mk. 2 Version launched April 2023
That Pedal Show signature guitar pedal the Harmonious Monk Mk 2

Size: (W) 75mm x (L) 118mm x (H) 56mm (inc. knobs/jacks and switches)

Power requirements: DC supply only - no battery option. 9V DC, centre-negative.

Current draw is 145mA (max).

Weight: 300g / 0.66lbs


- All-analogue signal path.
- True bypass switching.
- Harmonic and Amplitude tremolo modes.
- Depth, mix, speed and master volume controls.
- Sine, square & reverse sawtooth tremolo shapes.
- Tap tempo.
- Ramp between two trem rates (tremolo rates and ramp speeds are user selectable).
- Chop (kill-dry) feature in amplitude/square wave mode with depth set to maximum.
- Legacy Mode enables instantaneous switching between two tremolo speeds. Second speed can be either 1.5x or 2x the original set speed.
- Internal trimmers for bass, middle & treble EQ of the effected sound.
- Internal trimmer for input gain / headroom level.
- Centre-negative 9VC DC adapter. Maximum current draw is around 145mA
- Power up state can be set with either with the effect active or bypassed.
- Input & output are in phase.

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If in doubt, we highly recommend purchasing this pedal directly from JAM Pedals in Athens.

Mk.2 of our favourite sounding harmonic trem ever!

...a few beers in Athens and the idea for Harmonious Monk was born: a tremolo pedal that has both Harmonic and Amplitude modes… that also addressed the issues we had with our favourite existing examples of the breed. Namely, it needed a master volume to go above and below unity gain; we wanted some form of EQ control to balance with all rigs; enough adjustability in the effect depth and mix to sit it perfectly in your tone; and finally, we really wanted it to be all analogue for that unmistakeable richness of tone, depth and feel.

Mk.2 adds tap tempo, a ramp mode, an extra LFO shape and an internal trimmer for input gain/headroom.

Jannis and the team and JAM have done an incredible job. We are absolutely over the moon with how it has turned out, not to mention extremely proud of the opportunity to work at such an uncompromising level of build and finish.

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